Education, it cannot be created neither it can be destroyed. The only word that promises everything for those who have always wanted to grow better and bigger every day. We at ‘Sugar Plum’ have always nurtured a dream of aspiration and inspiration in every child. Our institute is meant to ether the qualities of doing something good since the childhood. Sugar plum seeks the joy of embracing smiles on those little flowers who have just bloomed to stand still. We teach them to bloom freely and cherish each and every coming moment with sunshine and greater dignity. The joy we get in imparting the students with so many qualities cannot be compared to any other thing in this world. 

Our little sugar plums have always taken that the leads to stand still even after facing hurdles and rain. We have always adhered that our little SUGAR PLUMS are in the process of being indoctrinated. Our little plums are taught to have prejudiced and knowledge of the choices of many different cultures all amalgamated together in a single unit. With a vast layer of campus, we have been established in the year 1995. The affiliation unit of our school is CBSE#1130040.