About Us


Education, it cannot be created neither destroyed. The word education that promises everything for those who have always wanted to grow better and smarter every day. We ‘Sugar Plum’ nurtured the aspiration and inspired every child. Our institute instills the qualities of doing good since childhood. Sugar plum seeks the joy of embracing smiles on those little flowers who have just bloomed to stand still. We teach them to bloom freely and cherish each and every coming moment with sunshine and greater dignity. The joy we get in imparting the students with so many qualities cannot be compared to any other thing in this world. 

Our profile: 

At sugar plums have always taken the lead to stand strong even when facing hurdles or pain. We have always adhered to a good imparting of knowledge to the impressionable minds & teach them the importance of the value of a dynamic & different cultures encompassed into a single unit. The school is situated in lush green environment with hundreds of trees & plants and it is endowed with a cal , peaceful & natural atmosphere Established in 1995. The school is affiliated to CBSE Delhi . The campus is well connected to the growing city of Nagpur.

Our mission:

SUGAR PLUMS have a history of briefing people about various aspects of humankind. We cherish living in the equator of accepting new ideas and new theories. We consider promoting ‘EDUCATION BEYOND THE CLASSROOM’. It is education that helps a person to free himself / herself from the clutches of darkness and ignorance in oneself. Thus the school in its endeavours aims at making every child a little lamp in this world who can enlighten others in return. 

Our amenities:

With the circles of many spheres blended together, we are located in Nagpur. Our school comprises with fully furnished and accomplished classrooms. The tiny tots enjoy playing and cherishing many outdoor and indoor activities. A group of well qualified and experienced staff have always been our prime responsibility. The school has been surrounded by wide roads to North, South, East and a park to West. It is a well developed infrastructure , spacious classroom , lab, library ,activity rooms, plenty of toys , teaching aids, soft board to display children’s work, computer room, AV rooms.

Our school motto:

The motto of the school is Education begets humility, humility begets good character, with good character one earns wealth and with wealth one does righteous actions, from which one gets happiness’.

Seeing the quality inside every child we have always considered to bring the best in our students since the young age.

We wish to enlighten the tender minds of the child and inculcate the important values of love, service & truth. We aim at a value base and allround education that would unable one to become a responsible person.
To be exact a five fold growth i.e. social, cultural, environmental, religious and intellectual growth.