We eagerly await for this competition every year. Those cute little tiny tots of ours look so much cute that we canít wait to capture their tiny moments all together under a single shade. The main purpose of conducting this event is not only to blend the learning with fun but also to develop the confidence in students to face the platforms anyhow and anywhere in the coming futures. This activity helps them to speak and stage their confidence in the air when they stand in public. Fancy dress is the activity where we prepare students to give their best in everything. The little tots when dressed in different outfits are felicitated by us with some goodie bags and few gifts.




This section is marked by the main function that parents too should be involved in the story telling competition along with their kids. There is of course the space to cherish timings with their kids and enjoy this free ride of parental bond. Parents should take off from their daily chores and they should participate in the daily activities in large numbers. Mothers along with their kids give outstanding presentation of their stories. The innovation done by mums give their wards a flare of enthusiasm and zeal to their kids. Mothers too feel confident and excited to enjoy the responses from their toddlers. It is surely a joy to interact and cherish very lovely activity conducted by our institute. The tiny tots are not only prepared for their futures, but they are also prepared for constructing their own worlds too. The efforts required in this activity are extremely worthwhile. Because parents and children interact very efficiently and effectively too. So this helps people to grow and cultivate the zone of comfortable speaking with their parents.