This part of the section is all about teaching a sense of light and hearing to support the process. The audio visual tutorial or class is just a fun to be adhered to. The audio visual classroom sessions are meant for the children to learn, read and grow. It has been surveyed that the more kids are exposed to such tactics, the more they love to cherish every bit of their learning and growth. The visual experience is more effective and stays in mind than oral experience of education. It has also been found that when kids come across audio-visual mode of learning, they catch the things very fast and it also creates curiosity in them. The audio visual experience helps the teacher to clarify, set up, co-relate and organize exact concepts, interpretations, and appreciations. This is of great help to the students and also for the teachers. By following this, they grow, learn and respond to each and every query they have in their minds. The audio visual section is just a fun to cherish. We see to it that both teachers and students will actively participate in this and will cherish every coming moment of their lives.


Music is the soul language of a hidden person. A good melody is something people tend to enjoy. Rhyme and rhythm are the two same sides of the coin. Talking about the good music, a good melody is something everyone can enjoy and also understand. It is for children who enjoy every bit of music with great benefit and affection. Rhyme and rhythm is extremely essential for every school to have this session so that children can be more responsive and more prone to extra-curricular activities. Listening music is a good habit in understanding the fundamentals of everything. These tactics help the teacher to clarify, set up, co-relate and organize exact concepts, interpretations, and appreciation and is a great help for the teachers and the students. Early music exposures help children learn language more than entertainment. It is a rich sensory environment.




This session is marked by the way to understand and implicate the things that are hard to conceive. The more the story sessions, the more the tiny tots are sharpened. Telling and hearing tales is a fable activity in our school. The ability of nurturing the curiosity and bridging the gap of knowledge through the various mediums of storytelling such as theatre, puppets, props and other creative tools is the magic of storytelling. The story telling sessions are meant to bring story to the life of young tots. Story session is a language for communication between the two extremities. Story session is a phase to start something new and let the tots expand their skills in the area of theatre, puppets, props and other creative activities. Story is all about mere communication and more about tiny conversations that mark the visual interest and enthusiasm in children. This is a group-based activity where children love to cherish and enjoy every coming moment of the dramas. The main concept during this activity is to set objectives that impart listening and learning skills.



A gaming zone one might actually call. This is the brilliant link where you need to connect the pairs before the time runs out. This is the only portion where the students get engage into the cooperate play and they expand their choices. The students explore, construct and create three-dimensional structures that use a range of material. This is the perfect place to deal with the endless scenarios that help people to expand grow and maximize their choices in return.





Torrins is an online-offline Music Education Programme. It is a 10 year old US based Music Company in partnership with Ehsaan Noorani (of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fame) They have introduce in India a novel music education program custom-developed for schools. We at school offer piano, drums, and vocal training to our students of classes I to XII.

Core objective is to impart formal music education to children. The program is designed with the aim of building confidence, empathy, imagination, focus, and team skills in children.

The program is delivered using a combination of classroom-based (offline) instruction by trained instructors, and online sessions via web-based application.