Rules & Regulations



There are certain rules that every parent while admitting their wards to our school should seek into. The admission rules that we have printed in our sheets are as follows:

Normally students are admitted at the beginning of the academic session. Depending on availability of seats admission forms are available in the month of October of every year on the stipulated date for the following academic session at the school office. Registration of a new student can also be done on the stipulated date & time with the applicable terms & condition. Corresponding age limit is set for the senior classes. 

Documents required for the admissions are :

1] Original Birth certificate, Xerox copy of the same 
2]Students coming from another schools must produce school leaving certificate, transfer certificate from the last school attended, report of progress and co curricular activities in the last school attended.
3] No change in the date of birth of the student will be permitted once the student is admitted.
4] Formal admission is completed only after the application form has been considered by the Principal. Principal’s decision will be final.

Students must fulfill the following minimum age requirement for seeking admission as on 30th September of that year.

Classes Age

Nursery 3 years
KG-I 4 years 
KG-II 5 years


There are certain withdrawal rules that must be considered. 

One month’s notice period in writing should be giving by the parent on the prescribed school’s withdrawal from before withdrawing a student from the school, failing which the parent will have to pay the fees for the entire term. Students who leave in the month of April and May and those who leave in March must pay the fees of March and April.

Application form for the withdrawal of the student will be available in writing 2 weeks in advance. No school leaving certificate will be issued until the child has cleared all the dues as prescribed in the rules.

Any child may be asked to leave the school in case of major psychological issue, or in case the child tends to harm himself or his peer.

Not with standing anything in this prospectus, the principal may at his/her absolute discretion require any parent at any time to take his or her ward out of the school.


There are certain fees rules that must be considered while depositing the school fees.

1] It is responsibility of the parents to remit fees on time as per the fee chart. No separate circular will be issued for intimation.
3] Fees for the year can be paid in advance to be made in cash/cheque by A/C payee cheques only in favour of “ Ira International School” .
4] Rs120/- will be charged against dishonour of cheque irrespective of the reason. All subsequent payments should be made in cash. 
4] Late payment of fees shall be fined with Rs 100/- and fees can only be submitted between 1to 15th of the consecutive month.
5] In case of non payments of the fees for two consecutive months, the student’s names shall be struck off the records.
6] Fees must be deposited in the bank between 10.00 am -4.00 pm from 1st to 15th of the month.
7] Issue of school leaving certificate and report card and the promotion of the pupil to the next higher class in subject to clearance of all the dues.
(For new admission re-admission) fees once paid will not be refunded.


Staying away from school without leave is not allowed except in case of sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances. A student who has been absent on the previous day should carry leave application to be submitted to the class teacher.

Absence of a student exceeding 2 days on medical grounds must be supported by a medical certificate.

Repeated absence without leave or explained absence for more than a month renders the pupil liable to have his/her name struck off from the school’s roll. Re-admission will be considered only on the payment of fresh admission fees.

A student exposed to or suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should not attended school until a doctor has given a certificate declaring that one may do so without exposing the others to risk.